The art of joy

Hello visitors! I'm Amber, a visual artist and extreme lover of all animals, especially my fat little bunny Teacup & my orange tabby kitten Nacho. I decided to start my business, Willabird Designs, out of a desire to create happy art. From 80s movie magnets & vintage, to hygge gratitude shelves & jungalow paintings, this is your one-stop-shop for eclectic home décor and nostalgic gifts. Much of my art is inspired by my Danish roots and a desire for others to experience the creative creature comforts of the Danish lifestyle hygge. Denmark has been ranked among the top three happiest countries surveyed around the world over the past 9 consecutive years. With this in mind I set out to find and create mindful home décor products inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of building a sanctuary of warmth, coziness, and gratitude. 
Thank you for visiting my shop, I hope it brightens your day! Happy Willabirding!

Amber, Teacup, & Nacho

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